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Battery Storage for Solar Energy

Store and Reuse

Quality Solar Sydney install and supply a best number batteries at the moment in the market of including, Telsa Powerwall, Sonnen Battery, LG and Samsung , Hybrid inverters and Enphase Batteries and others.

What is a Home Battery Storage Solution?

For Grid –Connect with battery back-up solar PV systems we mean to store generated electrical energy which can then be used at a later time or even selling that back to the electrical grid.
This is how you may benefit of storing energy:

  •  Maximum energy saving(being able to store the solar energy and use it more efficiently)
  • Offset consumer feed- in tariffs(being able to avoid using the grid at peak times when electricity is more expensive)
  • Provide continuity of supply (times or areas that grid is not available)

Battery Storage for Solar Energy in Australia

With one in five homes already using a solar PV system and the evolution of lithium-ion technology, home battery storage has become the next logical frontier for Australian consumers.

Whether you’re looking to install a new solar system or retrofit batteries to an existing one, Quality Solar Sydney can help you with the right solution to suit your needs.

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A short history of battery storage

Deep cycle batteries have existing for over a century however, it was only in the 1970’s that chemist Stan Whittingham along with his Stanford University colleagues found a way to store lithium ions inside layers of titanium sulfide, that allowed a battery to become rechargeable.

A few years later in 1980, John Bannister Goodenough discovered that a cobalt-oxide cathode was more stable and capable of storing 2-3 times the energy of any other rechargeable battery at normal room temperature. This breakthrough meant that smaller batteries could finally be made.

While lithium-ion battery technology is continuing to evolve at a rapid pace, the lithium-cobalt-oxide cathode is still a central component in most modern batteries.

Rising cost of energy

Australian households have seen energy prices doubled since the carbon tax was repealed in July 2014. This has made the transition to solar even more appealing for many who have been feeling the sting of their quarterly electricity bills.

While home energy storage has been possible for many years, deep cycle batteries were up until recent times relatively expensive, cumbersome and complex to run and maintain.

Due to the rapid decrease in prices and advances in lithium-ion batteries and related technologies, residential battery storage has now become far more accessible.

The Telsa Powerwall, Sonnen Battery, Samsung and LG Chem are just a few of the solar battery products that are now available to store energy from your solar panels, into your home and often back in to the grid.

How much Grid – Connect Solar with Battery back-up solar PV system can save you?

It’s common to reduce your mains electricity grid consumption by about 80% with a solar and battery system. This statistic is relevant only for standard systems that are installed within the Sydney area so other locations should expect to have a different savings profile.

In order to determine how much you’re likely to save then please check our online calculator here report .

In order to use the calculator simply use your latest energy bill or average daily consumption, enter your postcode or suburb and then choose from range of systems.