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Renovating or Extension

Ask Quality Electrical and data services from free idea and tips for Kitchens Renovation, Bathroom Renovation, Eco-friendly and out door living to our stylish design and implementation.

We can help upgrading your house or apartment to the Quality and standard you deserve.

Special Design

Technology is advancing so rapidly and as an advantage here we are with our Quality Electrical and Data Services skills and Engineering background to convert any problem into a brilliant opportunity for your Lifestyle Benefits

With structured cabling combination of Data and Electrical cabling you can be assured that your home is technology ready now for the future.

You can count on our unique creativity to perform any individual projects;

  • Time wise, you might would like your ponds pump turn on/ off in a particular time each day
  •  Lux wise, you might would like your property start shining at the first seconds of sunsets
  • Temp wise, you might need your commercial fridge stat switching off during that temperature bond
  • And other senses wise

One delightful case in our family case would be for instance for our aged family care

How your grandmother could use her bathroom without bothering you at midnight ??!!

Quality Electrical and Data Services have thought about it!!

Flexibly, we can design an intelligent pathway so that once she seats up the bed, she gets her room lights on to the bathroom then with the activated voice system she could get structured step by step  to find herself to the bathroom and all the way back to the bed and get the lights switched of when she lies down  walker and get directed.

This is a typical example of what can we do,

So bring us your Idea for us to convert it into reality!

Free consultation for your apprroval plan

We offer a free electrical consultation service to all. If you're planning a building, a shop, a factory, office or restaurant fit-out, talk to us about your wiring, and other Electrical n Data requirements. Before we advise you on your electrical project, we listen. We ask questions. We aim to have an open and honest discussion with you to deliver Quality and Value to  your promises.


The customer needs and wants can be grouped under the following:

Smart Aged Care

Quality Electrical n Services proudly presents the smart customized design services to provide your elderly convenience, reduction stress and comfort during the day and night.

We are here to design for you a smart room which recognises your darling out of the bed switches the light on makes the pass way bright enough to the bathroom and turns the light out when they are back to bed!

Amusement room

Customised Home theatre and sound system is the basic offer for our rewarded customers wealth

Our smart design

adds value to your property at least by …%

  • Security
  • Key pad
  • Door strikes
  • Figure print
  • CCTV
  • Alarm





Quality Electrical offers advanced technology in Motion Detection Services.

Feel free to contact us on

1800 95 11 03 or info@qualityelectricalsydney.com.au to know what are your best options and one of our company owners will meet with you at your convenience.

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